Little Angel Beatrice pines eagerly about Stranger Things with her friend Angel Amanda. They are both obviously high. A regular onlooker may not notice their jabber from afar, but upon closer listening these little angels are clearly talking jibberish. Any religious viewer of the show would know it had lost its mojo and there was nothing to talk about. These are some of the signs demonstrated by drug users. And the culprit? Opioids. Aka D, Dillies, Footballs, Juice, Smack, Demmies, Pain Killer, Amidone, Dollies, Dolls, Fizzies, Mud, Red Rock, Tootsie Roll, God’s Drug, M, Miss Emma, Monkey, Morpho, White Stuff. 

What happened to Little Angel Beatrice and Amanda? What cruel map of fate led them on this path of destruction? In an effort to get answers we popped Little Angel Beatrice with some downers like heroin, codeine, and more opiates just to be safe. And when her poor Angel high came down we felt comfortable in asking her questions. Her story, albeit brief, and sometimes incomprehensible, was poignant and fit for publication. 

Angel Beatrice had been an Angel all her life never knowing troubles, until one day during a March of Dimes protest she had an accident that left her in serious pain. She asked a friend Angel Amanda, currently ODing on Beatrice’s couch, why an Angel felt any pain in the first place. Angel Amanda told her Heaven works in mysterious ways but asked, “do you want to get high?” Yes, Little Angel Beatrice said yes. And the pain stopped only after she took the drugs. So the pattern developed. Day after day, high as the clouds and hazy as LA smog. Little Angel Beatrice did seek out help to kick the habit but much to her delightful surprise was prescribed more opiates for her pain.  

Little Angel Amanda obviously died. However, Little Angel Beatrice continues to battle her demons. Her story sheds light at a problem once coveted in darkness. Many have failed Little Angel Beatrice her friends, her enablers, her chemical dependency genes and an unhealthy ‘Yes’ attitude.

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