I know you’re thinking it

Despite what Quentin Tarantino might tell you, don’t do it. Bury it deep inside you like the secrets of incest you kept from your family, like the body you buried in the Nevada desert, the test you cheated on, the election, your taxes, the spouse you all cheated on.  I know hip-hop artists don’t make it easy. You want to say the word. It’s part of the lyrics. “Tarantino can say it so why can’t I?” Tarantino shouldn’t that’s why he’s coming here soon. “If I have a black spouse I should be able to say it.” If that’s what you’re thinking STOP thinking it! You can cheat at everything but your eternal soul’s consignment to the cold grip of the Afterlife. This might be a selfish reason, but to avoid the torture you will receive in Hell that I can only describe as please-death-take-me-now, not saying the N word is worth it. Believe me I should know.

This has been a Wellness Message From The Afterlife.


Richard Milhous Nixon

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